It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give the child the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities.

– Maria Montessori


Dear Parents!

This year we proudly celerated the 5th year of Villa Montessori in Poznań, the one of a kind place where the Montessori method serves as a unifying platform for international children as well as those with special educational needs. Explore our website in search for all the useful information and find out what makes Villa Montessori a truly exceptional place for you and your child.

Respect lays at the foundation of the Montessori method; you can easily see it and feel it in our day-to-day practice. Out of respect for the child we do not praise or punish. We prefer to support the child’s intrinsic motivation and concentrate on understanding their needs. Out of respect for their rights we let them make decisions and become responsible for themselves, their surroundings and their actions.

The rich potential of the Montessori method provides endless eductaional oportunities; it challenges children in their most preferable way: constantly. The learning environment lets them experiment freely, initiate activities and try everything out “hands-on”. Right here, in Villa Montessori, they do their most important work until they reach perfection in their own time, at their own pace. Here, they feel safe.

We hope the information on this website will give you an understanding of what makes Villa Montessori a leader in international and Montessori education. I strongly encourage you to visit us at Villa Montessori, see what makes us special and join our community!

Kindest regards,

Sylwia Camarda, Director
Villa Montessori

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